Saturday, September 8, 2007

the pitter patter of tiny scissors

You will all be happy to know that you will soon be aunts. Well, not soon soon. But like 9 months soon. Travis and I are very excited even though it doesn't feel like anything is really happening right now. I don't look different or feel different (thank goodness no morning sickness yet, except I get a little bit of heart burn at night and a little queezy.) The biggest difference right now is the bloat factor. Let's just say that Metamucil is not just for the elderly any more.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

These are just some highlights from the wedding!

Choplettes unite minus two

Yes its true this is a posting from PNUT. but after our recent trip to SD I felt too inspired to let this non-poster attitude go on any longer. The occasion: The Chip& Becky wedding. Glorious in all aspects. I cried from being touched at the ceremony and I cried from laughter at Horton plaza when the bird slash dragon pooped on beanies head. From the over crowded luxury rooms at the Fallbrook lodge to the spinning dance circle around the bride and groom at the reception, it was a total hit. Thank you to all for reminding me that people like you do exsist and the world is better place because of it.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Would you like that with whipped cream?

Just look where our lives have taken us. The Choplettes are getting older and growing every day. We do hair, we love others occasionally, we seek careers and we sell pie. Or at least I do. This was to be a summer of rest and relaxation mingled with adventure. Never did I imagine that I would come out on top...or should I say, with a cherry on top. Warmed up? Ala mode? Or, in a box to go? These are the questions I asked and asked until I won. The seven day pie selling contest at the local diner where I work (Shari's) caught me by surprise. Then I realized I wasn't really interested. Well, I won anyway, and I got a thermos. A really cool one with the Shari's logo on it. Stainless steel and green on the outside. I can't wait until Fall classes when the leaves start to turn and I can whip out my thermos full of hot coco right in the middle of class and count how many people begin to drool. And before that, when it's still hot and miserable out I can fill it with ice and when people ask, "What did you accomplish this summer?" I'll say, "That's a good question. Why don't I show you?"

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Tonight my friend Brian was over visiting. We have been good friends for about 8 months now. We were having a pretty great, yet intense conversation. As the night was wrapping up I moved and let out a small toot. And Then I said oops, sorry I tooted. And he was so weirded out. He says he has never had a girl fart in front of him, and claim it. I figured there was nothing else I could do, plus it was so little, that I wasn't that embarrassed. Oh how funny. A minute after it happened he left, he could handle what had just happened.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Lily's influence

Maybe it was just a matter of time, but finally after being left alone in Provo with Lily as the only other Choplette she may have finally gotten to me. I can say I never really saw this coming, and I am still uncomfortable with it, but today I make an official declaration for all Choplettes to hear around the world: I love hip hop music.

I know some of you might be checking your pulses at this moment, and do I blame you? Absolutely not. I, in fact, am checking my own pulse.

I don't exactly know how it happened but I know it did. Over the past 2 weeks I have attended 2 hip hop concerts! The first one (Talib Kweli) may possibly be the best concert I have ever attended. The music blew my mind, and I had more fun than I could have ever hoped for. There was lots of throwing my hands in the air which lead to pure joy.

This Lily and I shaking it at the Mos Def show.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

naC uoy daer siht?

Ebyam nehw I trats ym golb I lliw etirw ni edoc dna teg yllaer doog. sthguohT?